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quarta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2014

Luxembourgish Citizenship: information in English

Dear readers,

I created this blog to share information about how to access to Luxembourgish citizenship.
At first I began writting it in portuguese because I wanted more and more people to access this citizenship. The more Luxembourguers, more influence we could get to demand a Luxembourgish diplomatic representation in Brazil.

Nowadays, all over South America there are only honorary consulates with very limited services for Luxembourgers.

Lately I noticed that more and more readers all over the world reached this blog.

So , I am here to say: I can speak English too.(actually spanish and portuguese too). Feel free to access this blog and post any question.  I am still dealing with which blog framework works better with multilingual. While this is not available yet, you can translate with google the portuguese written posts and check news, tips and experiences about how to acquire luxembourg citizenship.

Basically, after the new citizenship law of 2008, if you have any Luxembourg ancestry you can reclaim your citizenship. Sometimes you must restore it under an administrative procedure or just prove that you never loose it. (that was my case and I did not know it until I was 37 years old!)
As far as I could see if you do it before December 31 2018 , you do not need even know luxembourgish language. After that probably you still can reclaim citizenship but need to pass this language test.

So, I wish best luck for all you candidates of luxembourgish nationality,

Your faithfully,

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